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    R9 290X screen flickers after updated to 17.6.1


      Hi, I suffered interesting symptoms since the driver version 17.4.4.


      Here's my build below.

      CPU - Intel E3-1246 v3

      M/B - ASUS P9D WS

      RAM - Hynix PC3-14900E 8GB x 4

      VGA - Sapphire R9 290X reference (flashed to Gigabyte GOP BIOS for R9 290X reference)

      Monitor - Dell U2410 (DP connected)


      With Windows 10 RS1 x64 and any Crimson versions, I've never experienced this kind of issue. Now I updated Windows 10 to RS2 x64 (clean install) and installed Crimson ReLive 17.6.1 then the screen flickers in the situation below.

      1. The monitor went into standby while the monitor powered off.

      2. The monitor powered on before screen awake.

      3. Woken up the screen and now the screen flickers.


      It's really weired because if the screen went into standy while the monitor powered on or the monitor powered on after screen awake then the screen doesn't flickers.


      This issue also appeared in 17.6.2.



      Plus, I uninstalled 17.6.x and installed 17.4.4 WHQL, then the screen not flickers but not fully went into standby (in the monitor standby situation, the monitor power button colored as if it's powred on)

        • Re: R9 290X screen flickers after updated to 17.6.1

          I made a thread on this previously. 17.6.1 was a really messed up driver for me, I was getting screen flickering and similar issues to this. Also my GPU would just crash when I would try to start up a game or just while I'm on my desktop. 17.6.2 greatly decreased those issues for me but yesterday my PC did randomly crash while on desktop, do in nothing (wasn't even looking at my screen) and AMD Wattman said there was an error when my PC started back up.


          So believe 17.6.x drivers are just really unstable, best thing to do is just roll back to the previous version that worked fine for you until AMD fixes this all up.