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Can I buy a laptop graphics card somewhere?

Question asked by rockatansky on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by tom991

I'll tell you the problem.


A few days ago my laptop froze while I was playing. When i reset it, it did not started in any way, so I had to format it completely.


When I installed the drivers, I found that every time I try to install my graphics card (AMD Radeon ™ R9 M265X) the laptop freezes again and when I restart it, the screen goes completely black, as if it were turned off.


What I have done has been to enter into safe mode and disable the graphics card to be able to use the laptop, but the problem is obvious, the integrated card offers very poor performance.


That's where my question comes in. Is there a possibility to change the graphics card or will I just have to put up with the dedicated card?


Being a laptop I do not think AMD will take care of this. In addition the laptop having almost 3 years is out of the manufacturer's warranty (Toshiba).


The model of the laptop is as follows: Satellite P50-B-10V - Toshiba


I hope someone can give me a hand, first of all thank you very much.