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AGESA bios still no fix for ( oc'ing) cpu or ram still need a better bios. PCIE@ gen2 2.0

Question asked by rebelyell on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by rebelyell

As this new bios is being released it has not fixed the PCIE, ram stick oc, and Cpu overclocking issues unfortunately.  to be specifically clear it has helped motherboard oc for ram which is not an actual ram overclock.

so, as most experienced overclockers use the base overclock method for stability of frequencies and system speed benefits (BCLK) or old term ( FSB) or older term ( tick tock clock) all the same thing.

ok so here is the problem still with new bios. when you oc your cpu using bclk, ryzen mobo's drop the Pcie lanes from gen3 -3.0 too Gen2- 2.0 which is slower for Gpu's etc, anything past 104.8 as 100 is stock and 104.8 isnt going to help anything worth mentioning. i have not verified if this affects usb 3.0 but i dont think it would.

For those people trying to overclock ram will be disapointed  since real time oc'ing ram sticks still cant be overclocked unless you dont mind loosing performance on pcie. And i dont think most people realize this has been an issue, since it dont jump in your face to be seen easily.


i dont think enough people reported this issue for engineers to fix the bios programming issue.


I want to thank whiskey_foxtrot for confirming it wasnt just still an issue on my side.

so we all will be waiting again for a fix, and ram will still be a problem for some, with Cpu base overclocking being still an issue to be fixed..