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No Option To Enable AMD Dual Graphics

Question asked by d3000 on Jun 17, 2017
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Please help,



I just bought a new computer with the intention of having dual graphics in my system.

I bought all the components by AMD recommendation, but I can not get the option to include the dual graph function. I installed the latest Crimson drivers (17.6.2) for the Win 10 x64 operating system. In BIOS (under the northbridge settings) the primary graphic is onboarn but in the advanced crimson settings i do not see anywhere options to enable dual graphic.

When I set in BIOS that primary gpu is onboard, PCI EX GPU in Crimson panel showing "disabled", and when i set in the bios that primary GPU is PCI Express then Crimson panel for onboard graphic says it's disabled. But when I connect the monitor to any card I get an image screen.

Windows device manager show both graphic cards enabled with same drivers.



This is my specification:



Asrock FM2A88M-HD+ r3.0 P1.50 (Supports AMD Dual Graphics)



Quad Core AMD A8-7650K, 4000mhz Kaveri



Transcend Dual DDR3 RaM

4gb  DDR3-1333MHZ

4gb  DDR3-1333MHZ



GPU PCI Express 3.0

XFX Radeon R7 250 1GB



AMD Radeon R7 Series (Kaveri)  2GB


Please help me.



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