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R6 Graphics - Lower Than Expected Performance In Rainbow Six Siege

Question asked by captainfathoots on Jun 17, 2017

k I have a AMD Radeon(TM) R6 Graphics card with 1024 of memory, and 8 gigs of ram so I know its not the ram but I bought this stupid game and blew a lot of in real life money in it and I can only play it at 30 fps, I currently have radeon chrimson and I tried everything to lower the settings to get the extra 30 fps I need to play proper, in case your wondering its rainbow six siege and nvidida was a big part in that game so Idk if that's why but its just getting really annoying playing the game half of what It should be played at, in case your wondering my specs: this is the page my laptop belongs too, can anyone help me get that extra 30 fps!!


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