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amd radeon says there are no drivers installed while i have the latest drivers installed

Question asked by kdasilva on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by kingfish

so this keeps happening everytime i update radeon.


i got an R7 with R8 m435DX in my laptop and everytime i update it just completly screws over my drivers and such. if i go into any game now that used to give me 60fps it only gives 2 even in the loading screens.


radeon error ( sorry it is in dutch)

Gyazo - 076cf2f71627b848f1976130621fbaba.png

it says "there are no drivers of amd graphic cards installed or the amd drivers dont work properly, try to install the drivers that are for the hardware.

". Which i have done over and over again already and it wont change a bit.


driver update message( in dutch again sorry)

Gyazo - 48c689a0d47367dc04e67ae6f19cbd2a.png

it says the best drivers are installed and this message is the same for my R8 graphic card.


i bought this laptop in march and it never runned smooth from the start in anything.


Also it doesnt matter in any game on what graphics setting i put the game the fps wont change between very low and very high.


if anyone knows what i can do to get rid of these problems i would like to hear.