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is it wise to cap Fps when it goes above refresh rate monitor and Freesync Question.

Question asked by mafje on Jun 17, 2017
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in a game i play, my msi RX480 puts out more then 250 Fps on screen. My monitor is an AOC G2778V5 with freesync 48-75 and is now running on 75Hz in windows 10 on display 1.2 .

I don't know anything about freesync. only that its on. at least thats what the program and monitor reports.


1. Why doesn't freesync keep Fps locked on monitor refresh rate ?

2. Do i have to cap Fps and on what 30, 60, 75 fps. ?


If i cap it on 75 i get a line going up and down when i move ingame as if the monitor has to correct the screen from the middle to the edges. is that normal ?