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Clock problem

Question asked by lawrencesilva on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by rebelyell

Hello, i'm having a problem with my computer.

When i'm playing heavy games, the computers turns off. I thought it was a overheating problem, but i download MSI Afterburner to check temperature and saw that the computer turned off at only 27 degrees.

So i started to check the GPU clock and the Memory clock (i don't understand anything about it) and realized that, when the GPU clock goes over 900 MHz, the computer turns off, even with a very cool temperature. To confirm that, i did something in MSI that locked the GPU clock at 300 MHz and the Mem clock at 150Mhz. Now i can play games without turning off, but with less fps (i guess).

Is it a clocking problem? If it is, what can i do to fix it without locking the Mhz?
I'm sorry if i'm saying something absurd, i really don't understand about hardware at all. I'm not a native english speaker too, so i may not be clear with what i'm trying to say.

I uploaded my PC configs in a png.