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    r9 390 crossfire worse performance than single card


      I'd like to start off by listing my components:

      -Intel i7 4970k (not overclocked) runs at around 75C while gaming and 45 C idle

      -Z97 MSI Gaming 5 motherboard

      -dual r9 390s (strix r9 390 DC3OC 8GD5 Gaming to be precise) 70 C idle and 93 C while gaming

      -EVGA Supernova 850W PSU

      -16 GB hyperX DDR3 RAM

      -Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212 CPU cooler

      -AMD Driver: 17.4.4


      So for a long time I had crossfire turned off becuse I had disabled it for some reason and after 3 months of having it disabled I remembered and enabled it again and before that my games ran perfectly smooth with crossfire but now for some reason I get worse FPS in every game I play. I tried both cards individually and they both work fine and I also tried to install older versions of the drivers and the same thing happened so I'm very confused as to what to do now.