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Need help with my ryzen build

Question asked by x58 on Jun 15, 2017
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Hope you guys can read this, otherwise you can read below the PC SPECS I really feel so desperate  i have asking for help in many, many forums but everyone tell me to come here and explain my situation.


Hello  everyone I'm Yuriy from Venezuela i'm 25 years old and we are living under a tyranny here in my country weather the Maduro Government  not respect people  Human Rights  Therefore we are living under a terrible economy situation, lack of security, even the police and national guard steals people things in front of international cameras etc, etc. Today I really need help with my pc, but please take in consideration that my English is not that Good, I'm the only way i get this Ryzen build was by very very lucky friend I meet from USA which helped me to Build this PC, which I wanted to use for BTC coins but to be honest this is not possible, and I rather use this pc at least to achieve the best performance and smooth conditions, to start a business, when talks about business is that to get some money by playing or testing latest games, or to try to learn a language or development skills in 3D Things i don´t know the point is i don't have money, and quite skinny yes, but most of you could say, dude why you spend 430$? in this part pc, well it was an opportunity one in one million, and we don´t get paid in dollars in Venezuela, is we compared our salary to dollars is like 25$ a month, and sadly one pound ham is around 8-9$ So without any more to say, this friend make a deal with me, taking in consideration my vision about to have a better pc, and I ended up playing Runescape to him 12 hours straight to make some dollars and buy this pc, but yeah as i said this never happens to me, and was one oportunity in life, hope someday i can find more people like him, to save dollars and try to move on to another country or make money with BTC and support my family, but without anymore to say, i want to describe what problem i do have with my pc


MotherBoard: Asrock Ab350 Fatality K4 Gaming

CPU: Ryzen 1600

RAM: Patriot 2x4 GB PV48G320C6K (11D1) 3200 mhz (i bought this because is under QVL list of my Asrock Mobo)

PSU: ThermalTake ToughPower XT 775 bronze +80

CASE: Thermaltake V9 Black edition (this case doesn't come with front usb 3.0)

Graphic: EVGA GTX 580 1.5 GB


My problem is that I have been facing some performance problems in Windows and in Bios, is like the mouse is so laggy, i feel like there is a Visual lag, mouse in games feels with input lag how can i explain this, I don't feel connected in games, I feel like  a total newbie  my reflects are so.. off, and this never happen to me before, even in Games like dota2, or Crisis, or Heroes of the storm... I ensure to have High-Performance Battery, and gpu to not saving power in games, i checked with the rivaturner to avoid any gpu down clock or cpu downclock while in game,  I can say that I've tried already everything or at least the best, to try to get my Windows 10  full responsiveness but i guess i have fail and that's why I'm here asking for help: My windows is 10 version 1607 is  fully  updated, all security updates, criticals etc.  Also in Bios i have  this issue, this motherboard bios UEFI has a terrible lag in the panel/interface i tried to swap mouse, connectors etc, but lemme explain what i have do so far, so you can help me


So, Today has been a long, long day, I ended up by testing more, more  things

First Off, I disconnected my pc from a power cord, and connect directly to the wall's outlets then, I open my case, take apart the cover and then, I start to disconnect things like: HDD, DVD/CD reader and by testing separated things, but the symptoms did continued, after  that I decide to Disconnect from my PSU those cables that are for SATA and case fans, also I disconnected the SSD cable too And I let just connected the GPU cable to supply my GTX 580. Then I test my GTX on both PCIE EXPRESS PORT of my Asrock ab350, and the symptoms continued, the same mouse lag cursor etc etc. Also I disconnected USB cables in the motherboard (the only that brings with my v9 case for front panel USB which are 2 usb port), also I disconnected the HD audio cable. So at the end I ended up with only the POWER/RESET/HD LED cables, and the rest was 8 pin processor cable connected, the cpu fan cooler connected, the 24 pins of course, and nothing more else, and I boot to bios, and yeah my rear panel all usb were funtionally, and i tested each usb with my both mouse and keyboard, and sadly the problem persist u.u So i guess is not the power supply, neither the SSD, or HDD, or DVD/reader because they were unplugged, and the power supply just was supplying the gpu and the others cables mentioned earlyAnd then I was checking the motherboard closely everything there. I ensure to have everything seat/connected well, also i reset THE CMOS, i did too take off and put back the Lithium battery, I swap my memories, tested with one module memory, with the 2 two memory itself, then I disconnected and connect the 24 pins connectors etc,etc. The only thing that I didn't wanted to do was: to RESET the Cpu chipset... because i don't have thermal paste to put it back, so I decide to not to reset my cpu... when I say reset, is to take off the cpu chipset wait for couple seconds and put it back, then cleaning with alcohol and blah blah, but i didn't that part.. because as I say I don't have thermal paste... so i don't want to mess temperatures.. Also I did check for every cable there, but so far everything was good plug, and in good conditions

So as you can see I've tried everything except Tweaking the bios itself, becuase i don't want to damage this pc, also I have tried put everything on default, i just Leave the processor oc to 3.7 with 1.3 as most ryzen forums recommend, and the  XMP profile to 2.1 to active or achieve the 3200 Memory OC, the rest i guess I don´t touch anything.


So I'm  hoping that someone  can help, this is driving me crazy, I want to learn more about pc, and be nice with other people that need my help, thanks alot.


ATT: Yuriy.