AMD Fan Art

Discussion created by daquteness on Jun 15, 2017
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Hi guys! I've been scouring the internet for a centralized AMD fan art forum or at least a thread buried somewhere and only found a mixed bag of scribbles and screenshots...


Having said that, I've decided to try and kickstart this myself so I've created yesterday a couple of somewhat minimal wallpapers based on the signature Ryzen coolers. These were made in Blender (source available on request) and took about 3h, and I'm posting them here in hopes to bring creative minds together with some fan art (no pun intended).


To keep people motivated, I'll keep creating and posting here in hopes of drawing more people in!


EDIT: To keep myself motivated, please at least drop a like on the main post to see if it's worth pursuing this Much appreciated! Think of it as sort of a poll...


Enjoy!! If anyone actually does like them, I have up to 8K resolution available.