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Need Help Configuring Eyefinity and Taskbar Settings HD5700

Question asked by dbeezley on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by amdmatt

I have a Radeon HD5700. It is old but completely satisfactory. I have three monitors. I recently replaced my old system board and processor but kept the HD5700. The new software to manage the displays is really confusing compared to what I used before. The biggest problem is that I can't set up my monitors as I want. What I want is for each monitor to be independent, but that I can move windows from one to another I want the taskbar to be identical on each monitor. I want to manage windows independently on each monitor.


Now I can ONLY have the taskbar on the middle (preferred) monitor OR spread across all three. When I "maximize" a window it spreads across all three monitors rather than maximize on the monitor it started. When I bump a window to the side, I want it to go to half monitor, but it spreads. When I click on the start icon in the middle monitor, the start window opens on the left monitor. The Windows taskbar control for "stacking", "cascading", and "side-by-side" windows doesn't work it just spreads across all the monitors.


The default Windows 10 multiple monitor control is grayed out. At this point, I'd like to have only the drivers and let Windows control the monitors if the Catalyst software is so ineffective. If the problem is in the new Catalyst software, can I get the old version? I don't need anything fancy, I don't do games. I just need to manage my windows and desktop space.


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