Still having Driver issues (radeon application has stopped working) R9 380

Discussion created by chinzakk on Jun 16, 2017
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Hello there !

Ill start off with my system specs:


ASUS Radeon R9 380 STRIX DC2OC-4GD5 Gaming
Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
Gygabite D85M-D2v motherboard
16GB DDR3 ram 1600 MHz
Kingston 120GB HyperX Fury

Zalman TX-Series 80plus 700 W Power Supply

Windwos 10 64bit Operating system (Windows 10 Pro) (The problems started on Windows 7 already)

Benq GW2255 Monitor


The crash is a simple black screen on games, sometimes the game gets minimized on the tray and it doesnt responds to anything, sometimes even the sounds loops,  or just freezes.


I bought this card a year ago, sometimes even early on, with games like borderlands 2 it crashed. I didnt pay much attention, i tought it was the game's failure not my systems, however lately this problem started to occur in every single game (almost). Its to total random, sometimes i get to play hours without any crashes, sometimes it crashes even in the menu. So I tried manymanymany attempts to fix the issue wihtout succes. Ive tried the 15.11.1 Beta driver which is a "temporary" fix, i tried a clean install of windows 10, i tried installing the radeon drivers again using DDU, i tried using softwares such as MSI Afterburner to change the FAN speed, (i tought the card was overheating) but it never goes over the 70C, i tried the SCan thingy with the command prompt, turning off TDR, increasing TDR time. I also tested my memory, my HDD, my SSD etc. Everything is in order, but the problem still occurs. Ive send my card back to the shop I bought it from, they told me its working fine. Lately when it crashes (on games most of all), the radeon host application doesnt even pops up with the "has stopped" error, it just stays there on the tray AND if I click on it to maximize, a blank window shows up with white backround, THEN it crashes. Nowaday is use the ASUS GPU Twak II to monitor my temperatures etc. and after these crashes I see that my GPU Clock number is around 990 MHz (factory overclocked value). Like I start a low system req. game the clock is at 500-600Mhz at most, then crash occurs, on the GPU Tweak monitor i see that the GPU Clock jumped to 900ish.Maybe my card cant handle the factory overlock value? or is it a windows 10 failure? I dont know, but its hard to play anything like this. When i bought this card it was a lot of money.