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Black Screen Crashes on id Tech Games (RX 480)

Question asked by memsix on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by mhanor

I keep getting crashes to a black screen in Dishonored 2 (which uses a modified version of id Tech 5) and Quake Champions (Runs on id Tech 6). I have not experienced these crashes in DOOM though which uses id Tech 6 and it didn't crash in both Open GL and Vulkan. The crash starts with the game freezing, followed by a black screen, then a hard restart. I do not receive any crash logs from the games so I cannot provide any. I am using the latest drivers as of 6/15/2017. Please ask if you need more information to provide a useful answer.


My PC Specs

CPU: AMD A8-6600K

GPU: RX 480

Ram: 8GB

OS: Windows 10