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    Anyone overclocking the 1600 on air


      Just thought I'd ask before I dove into the build. My processor was made 2nd week of April, so I'm hoping she's a good overclocker. I'm not woried about anything outrageous.  May even just play with the stock cooler at first, but I wanted to see if anyone was getting decent results without having to resort to water.

      Also will be working on my son's 1700X soon, and he went with that MSI air cooler from Newegg.

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          Well, my FX-9590 runs cool on Air with "Thermalright SilverArrow-Extreme" - its even better then most AiO-WaCo - but its louder


          have in mind - a WaCo raises Temps over time - and when these are up they stay there, even if your CPU is on IDLE:
          so when u run heavy load for 3-4h your WaCo fluid will have a Temp of (lets say) 55°C and then you stop the load and only browse the web for 30min - then your Temps will have come down to (exaggerated) 50°C - but on a good Air-Cooler (like Thermalright SA-E) it will be 40°C after only 2min instead of 45min cool time for WaCos... - btw a custom loop with BIG Radiators (min 1080) will reduce temps faster as a "normal" 360er Radiator AiO-WaCo but an AirCooler is still MUCH faster in reducing temps AFTER load

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            I have a R5 1600 running on a MSI B350 Tomohawk with DDR4 Hyperx Savage 2400 2x8GB ram and MSI GTX 970 gaming 4G in a Cooler master Silencio 452 case with stock 120mm front and rear fan. I could run the system with the stock cooler at 3600mhz but it became very hot at over 88 Deg C.


            I swapped the stock cooler voor a Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 cooler. When running Prime95 with all cores active 100% at clock 3750 MHz the system stays at 74 Deg C.  (In a hot room of 30 Deg C.) Motherboard is at 45 Deg C.

            The memory is clocked at 2667 with low timers. The system is completely stabile and is very quiet. The Noctua is not cheap but one of the best CPU coolers available and definitely the quietest. It even rivals water-cooling for efficiency at even less noise. For extremely overclocking it is possible to add a second fan to the tower to increase efficiency even higher. I only have my system for a week but am very pleased with the speed and stability specially since Bios version 1.60.

            I am sure I have headroom to reach even 3900 or maybe 4000 MHz with the current setup with moderate temperatures.


            I hope this info may help you.



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