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    Having a variety of BSOD's with a variety of error messages. (nstroknl, dxgmms2)


      Hi guys -so im having random BSOD's all the time. This happens quite a lot randomly on the desktop and also in games. A sure fireway for it to crash its returning to the menu on PlayerUnknowns after a game. I have error reports relating it to crashes of nstrokrnl, dxgmms2.sys and memory managment. Any help on this would be appreciated. Ive already tried updating the OS and reinstalling drivers for both the chipset, Bios and GPU.


      Before these crash the system they usually start having the software crash. I.e in chrome pages will crash randomly.


      Describe your system:

      Graphics Card RX 480 Sapphire Nitro 4gb

      Operating System Windows 10 64bit

      Driver version installed Radeon Software Crimson Edition 17.6.1

      Motherboard ASUS B350 TOMAHAWK

      CPU/APU Ryzen 1500X

      Power Supply Unit  CORSAIR 500W

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          I had similar BSODs on my computer. Whenever I tried to upgrade windows 10 to the Creator's version it was almost impossible from the various errors I was getting.

          Decided to run MEMTEST86. Before even 10% of my memory was tested, it was showing a huge amount of errors. Did this two or three times. One error on MEMTEST86 is enough to fail a memory module. I easily was able to locate the one out four memory modules that was bad. With the bad module removed, I had no more BSOD's and was able to upgrade to Creator version of Windows extremely smoothly. MEMTEST86 came back with zero errors after 2 passes (total of 12 gbytes of DDR3 RAM).


          I had numerous Memory Management BSODs, Service and Kmode BSODs. I would highly suggest you run MEMTEST86 for at least 2 passes unless you start seeing errors immediately during the first running of the test. If the first test is running without any errors, let it continue until at least two passes complete with no errors at all. If memory test fine, then you need to troubleshoot to see if it is software or some hardware that is going bad (HDD for instance).

          Good luck.