New Community Manager - Maria!

Discussion created by noscopemistress Employee on Jun 13, 2017
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Hi I'm Maria. You might've seen me lurking around the forums a bit. There’s a reason for that.


I'm a new Community Manager at AMD!


Some quick facts about myself. I graduated from UT-Austin with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations. My background is in social media and writing.


As for video games, the earliest game I can remember is playing KOTOR I and II on what was probably Windows XP. I strayed off for a bit and remained focused on console gaming for a long time. My favs include crying with my Fem-Shep in Mass Effect 3, yelling at the Cryptarch in Destiny, and falling in love with Arno in Assassin's Creed. Now that I’m adulting, I've been able to slowly jump into the world of PC with my first build in 2016. It's been awhile since I've been in the PC arena, but I'm learning something new every day from the Red Team community forum. In my off time I love to run and (you guessed it) play games. When I have time (and money) I love traveling to different Cons (such as San Diego Comic-Con and PAX) and races around the country.


I'm so lucky to be working here at AMD with a great group of people. My focus will be working alongside Kristina covering OEM content such as @AMDLaptop, LinkedIn, Google +, etc., as well as helping Kelly with anything she needs because she's AMAZING! 


You can find me in most places on the interwebs as NoScopeMistress. Where ever you find me, feel free to say hi and ask questions if needed. I’m here to help.


- Maria