7870 Crashes/Flickers

Discussion created by coolblaze on Jun 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by amdmatt

I was playing a game of Hearthstone and watching a live stream on my 2nd monitor when I started to notice image distortion. Then I would lose picture for a moment or all together resulting in my computer crashing/locking up. I thought my video card may be overheating so I changed the fan speed to 100%. I got an error message about WatMan settings have been restored due to a system failure in Radeon Settings, as well as a message in windows about how my display adapter has stopped working and recovered form an error. I tried updating my graphics drivers with a clean uninstall/install of the latest version after this, but the problem persists.


In the past I would occasionally get frame drops to about 10 fps for a few minutes while playing Heros of the storm for example and a few times the game crashed and would get image distortion for a few moments during this time. It recovered from the unexpected failure and would be fine after this. It would also change the windows theme sometimes to a higher performance one, and would change back randomly after a while.


It seem like maybe my card is not getting enough power as I had the WatMan error a few minutes after I uped the fan speed on my card. And or it has something to do with multiple monitors.


Any help is appreciated, thanks.