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    Ryzen 5 1600x RX580 Crashes


      Good morning,

      I only really play world of warcraft and starcraft. But since building my new machine Ive been experiencing crashes.


      Ryzen 5 1600x stock

      RX580 8GB stock

      Samsung SSD

      Corsair LPX 3200

      Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard.


      I have run memory tests, no errors. HD tests no errors, Windows file system check no errors. Updated Windows. Reinstalled the game. Updated drivers for chipset and graphics. Got the latest bios. But every time I turn the game on after a random amount of time it will crash with an access violation.


      Is this a known problem? Is there anything else I can try? I have a very long ticket open with Blizzard support which is still ongoing but they are investigating issues with Ryzen CPUs and crashes.


      Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,


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          What PSU do u have ?

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            I have a similar problem with Asus Strix RX480 and Ryzen 5 1600.
            I'm very suspicious about stability of my VGA card and I'll RMA it. Check my experience:


            First, here is my topics:

            ASUS STRIX RX 480 O8G Causing System Freeze

            Is my Ryzen CPU defective ?
            Is my Ryzen CPU defective ? - CPUs - Tom's Hardware


            Second: A lot of people on Youtube had crashing problem with their RX480. So they RMA their card and the problem is solved. Here is an example. Watch and read the comments from both video owner and other people.
            MSI RX-480 Gaming X 8G Freezes on every game - YouTube



            I tried a lot of software solutions and couldn't solve the problem. (I can't write here. A lot of solution. Really! Uninstall drivers with DDU and reinstall different drivers, windows reinstallation, TdrDelay, TdrLevel, game mode enable/disable, disable antivirus and defender, set ULPS, delete all overclocking software with their registry entries and configuration profiles etc. etc. etc. )


            And my tests:

            Windows 10 Home 64 bit:
            Even first days of installation, I had a headache with games. Probably Windows and Creator's Update are not create any problems. It is a fresh install. All of the hardware is brand new.


            PC Chassis:

            No problem. STABLE !
            It can't cause any problem. Not to mention here.



            No problem. STABLE !


            HD TUNE quick scan,-->no bad sector, detail scan for 2-3 hours --> no bad sector

            SMART STATUS --> OKAY

            WD data lifeguard diagnostic --> no bad sector with quick and detailed scans. SMART status is perfect.

            Windows disk error detection --> no problem.

            Windows chkdsk --> no problem.

            HD Sentinel Pro quick scan, SMART status --> No problem.



            No problem. STABLE!

            Memtest86  UEFI --> (11 pass, 10 saat, zero error)

            Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool(Maximum pass number enabled, cache opened, all tests enabled,) --> zero error.
            I swapped the locations of the sticks. Problem still exist with games. Probably no RAM problem.



            No problem. STABLE!

            AIDA64 stress test, 30 minutes. --> NO CRASH.

            Cinebench R15 --> I ran it for 10 times. When one render benchmark ended, i immediately restart it again before the CPU get cool. --> NO CRASH.

            885 mp3 files are converted in 15 minutes with Format Factory --> NO CRASH.

            OCCT default, 10 minutes --> No errors.

            I rendered 1.5 GB video with Format Factory with H265 HEVC encoding and very high bitrate. It took 3 hours and 15 minutes. Result file is 6 GB. --> NO CRASH.

            I run OCCT stress test with default settings again for 1 hour --> NO ERROR.

            I run HWinfo at last 30 minutes of OCCT test. --> 0 WHEA error.


            20 minutes Prime95 Blend Test --> NO error or WHEA error --> NO CRASH.



            No problem. STABLE !

            I run AIDA64 stress test for 30 minutes. All tests are enabled except HDD.
            This test delivers much more power and creates much more heat. --> NO CRASH.
            So PSU is not defective. Also no crash problem because of the high temperature. I checked the temps via CPUID HW Monitor. 72 degrees CPU, 65 degrees celcius GPU. So, no temp. problem is here. My chasis has 5 fans with high RPM.





            It crashed even 1185 Mhz, 1.15V +%15 power target , 1960 mhz RAM frequency.
            All these games are crashed:


            Crysis 1

            Crysis Warhead

            Metro 2033 Redux

            Metro Last Light Redux

            Dirt 3 : Complete Editon

            GTA IV


            It couldn't run 3DMark Time Spy, Fire Strike etc. Crashes immediately.




            So, try the games which I tried or run 3DMark Time Spy, Fire Strike etc. (You can download the demo 3Dmark from Steam for free. 6.7 gigabytes. If you can't find link, I'll help you.)

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              RAM speed? what did you change? i got the same problem too.

              I tried -20% Power Limit. If i play Assassin's Creed Unity. It's still crashing every 5-10mins

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                  If you are using windows 10 disabled game mode. Use DDU to completely remove your graphics card drivers and then reinstall using the latest. stop any other software from running in the background. Then see if you are still getting crashes.


                  If you are, what speed is your RAM? Which motherboard and RAM are you using?

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                      English is not my main language. I hope you may understand what I type..HAHA


                      I did read all the post who got RX580 and crash post. I am sure i closed win10 game mode and use DDU to completely remove my graphics card driver and then reinstall using the latest (I tried 17.5.2,17.6.1) . Currenlty, I am using Chipset 17.10 & 17.6.2. I just try to boosting my RAM from 2133 to 2400 in bios setting XMP but it is worst.

                      The computer just black screen and restarted.  LOL

                      Did I do something wrong?


                      I am using Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 B350 AM4 .ATX M/B         

                                                    RAM : Geil EVO Forza Red DDR4 2400Mhz 8GB RAM(AMD RYZEN RAM)


                      Looking for your help.

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                    just tried 17.6.2 it is do help but still unstable.