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    Solved: OpenSCAD crashing on Ubuntu 16.04


      My computer running Ubuntu 16.04 with an Intel processor and a RX 460 graphics card will have a segmentation fault when running OpenSCAD program with some of the sample files (for example CSG.scad).  I tracked the problem to be an access to a protected location attempted by code from libGL.so.1.2, in particular AGER_AddEntry:


        765a6:       48 89 13                mov    %rdx,(%rbx)


      Problem happens as soon as I open the "offending" example file. Interestingly problem does not happen whey running the same program with the same file but running from gdb.


      Problem does not happen if a different driver is used (instead of amdgpu-pro) though it has been happening consistently from 16.40 to 17.10 versions of AMD driver.


      Let me know any info you think it may help you track the problem. I am attaching the crash report from /var/crash/