Radeon Software not working on non-steam games

Discussion created by pantera on Jun 12, 2017
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So recently I was using  and i saw how AMD outperforms Nvidia and i bought RX 580. And I had a Dishonored 2 copy that i bought from local store(non-steam). It's %100 original not cracked or anything. And i was able to play it on my Nvidia card without any graphical problems. When i got the card i jumped into Left4Dead2 to test framerate and i used Radeon Software settings to get better anti-aliasing and Software was doing a great job. In Radeon Software settings Left4Dead2 has a 2 green tick in it's right side. But when i tried playing Dishonored 2 i saw too many jagged lines and i tried everything to make anti-aliasing work in Software but nothing worked i tried it with 3 different games and i saw too many jagged lines. It was looking horrible. And i realized in Software, Dishonored 2 doesn't have 2 green tick like l4d2 does. So that means i can't use Radeon Software with non-steam but still original games ? if that's so i'll just return this card and get back to NVIDIA because most of the games i play doesn't have anti aliasing option in-game so I used to force in NVIDIA settings. Help me out here please how do i get this thing to work with non steam games ?antialiasing.png