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      FYI on AGESA on ASROCK AB 350 Pro 4:


      I was running my G.Skill F4-3000C14-16GVK x2 (32 GB Double sided) at  2667 Mhz on XMP profile stable with AGESA  2 1/2 months since the build which was great. I updated the bios to the Friday it was release and it won't go at 2800 or 2933 Mhz on the XMP settings. I assumed that it is since having a 2 double sided 16 GB is capped to run at 2666 Mhz as the limit. I gave it another try this late afternoon and it boot without any fuzz or timing modification form the XMP profile at 3066 Mhz. Now it is running at rated speed  beyondd the 2666 mhz restriction to AMD team.

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          Allow me to answer your question, yes AMD is back.

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              nah, they've always been here - just silently but actively working on total domination

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                  whiskey has the correct answer. it was a well thought out war plan i agree.!  quite honestly i think intel employees are trying to sell all there stocks before they loose there retirement money, but noone is buying them. i think intel will have maybe 25% of market AMD the rest in 5 years. on top of that microdollars will be micropenny's since they dont have anything to sell... windows is free forever buy it 1 time. and people dont buy from microsoft store. in the end free operating system and amd supplying graphics and processors. as the world turns these are the days of our lives with the young and the restless .. lmao .