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    amd sapphire radeon 390x under 2 years old - No input - No fans


      I was playing the game paragon when suddenly I got a black screen with "no input display port" I rebooted the PC and got the same thing. I then switched over to integrated graphics and it worked. I checked my display port cable, it's good. I pulled the 390x out and re seated it to no avail. I tried a different pci slot to no avail. I tried updating my drivers as a last ditch effort. It doesn't detect my card. I checked in device manager and it's windows isn't detecting my card. Any ideas would be helpful. I'm assuming I'm just unlucky and got a crap card. I was waiting to upgrade next month to Vega. However if the card bit the dust in less than 2 years I don't think I will be using AMD again. Thank you kindly, Thexa


      amd sapphire radeon 390x

      win 10

      asus maximus vii motherboard

      asus mg279q monitor

      intel i5

      evega 750 psu

      32 gb ram


      sorry for not following forum posting rules. I let this shake me up.