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    Radeon 7 drivers disables the keypad period button.


      I have a new Asus X555QG notebook with AMD Fx-9800P, Radeon 7 and windows 10 home.

      Sometimes the period button on the keypad stops working. It can take several reboots to get it working again. One time it got solved when I deleted and reinstalled the keypad language.

      But the next day it was back again and come and goes. But now I have found out what causes the problem.

      At first the button stopped working when I open Adobe lightroom and got back to normal at exit. Then It stopped working whe I open my mail programme, mozilla thunderbird and got back to normal at exit. Both software can use hardware acceleration. In thunderbird it was enough to turn that off to solve the problem when it was open. But for ligtroom it was to no use.

      I had to lower the switchable graphics setting  from maximum performance to optimize saving. (not sure at the words since I have swedish language on it)

      After that lightroom no longer disables the period button. I do not know if this stops the problem forever but it seem good for the moment.


      So it must be a problem in the amd drivers or what since I can not have the settings on max performance?

      Any ideas someone?

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          I found out that the windows creative update do it worse. After uninstalling creative update the problem is still there but only if I open Adobe lightroom. After closing lightroom the period starts working again. Got an windows update yesterday and it was the creative update again!!! Same problem came after an hour or so. Period button stoppet working. After uninstall it if as above. The radeon drivers tells me that I have 17.1.1 and it is a newer version 17.4.4 but if I try to upgrade noting happens. If I try the autodetect it tells me I already have the latest.