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    Can I change from a amd a6 processor to a amd a8 or a10 in a dell laptop?


      I have a dell laptop with the amd a6 6310 processor with Raedon R4 graphics 4gb. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to another version of the amd apu family and if so which 1?

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          Q: I have an AMD A6-6310 CPU. Can I upgrade it?


          A: No. BGA microprocessors, like this one, are soldered on a board, for that reason upgrading or replacing them is very very difficult.


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            TL;DR: No.

            The last socketed AMD mobile processors were the A-5000M Mobile series in 2013. Every AMD mobile processor since then is BGA package, meaning that it is soldered to the motherboard. To change a BGA processor requires desoldering the old chip and soldering a new chip in place, which requires specialized soldering rework equipment. Of course, it also requires that:

            A. you can get a replacement processor,

            B. you know how to use the soldering rework station, and

            C. the UEFI supports the upgrade processor.

            A and B above are beyond the scope of a casual upgrader, but are at least within the possible, if you know where to find a new single BGA processor (they are usually supplied directly to Dell and other OEMs) and if you have the soldering equipment and skill. As for C above, check with Dell on which processors are supported for your model notebook.


            Which leads to an easier possible solution:

            Find a Dell motherboard compatible with your notebook that has the processor that you want. For example, A8-6410 is a slightly faster Beema APU that should be compatible, so maybe Dell has a motherboard with that (I don't know for sure). Replace the whole motherboard / processor assembly. You will also need to evaluate the relative cost and time to replace motherboard vs. replace entire notebook.

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