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    amd display driver fail to install


      So I got the AMD autodetect to find my display driver, but in the end it says "16.12.2 driver has been partially installed". I tried to understand the problem by going through the logs. I found that the AMD display adapter failed to install but no error message. Currently, the amd display adapter is replaced with Microsoft basic display adapter. Any solutions or ideas what may be causing the failure? Thank you for your help

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            Hi! Same question, except that what it's "replaced by" is an older AMD driver (which is what I had installed before trying to update -- as opposed to the Microsoft one)


            My "essential information":

            • APU and Graphics card: AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics
            • Desktop or Laptop System: HP 15 TS Notebook PC
            • OS: Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
            • Driver version: AMD Radeon(TM) R3 Graphics 13.351.1105.1001, but trying to update to 21.19.407.0 (that's the problem!)
            • Display device: 15.6-inch diagonal HD WLED-backlit Display (1366x768) Touchscreen
            • Power Supply: 3-cell 31WHr Lithium-ion Battery
            • RAM: 8GB


            • Detailed description and Steps:
            1. Go to http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/notebook-apu-drivers.aspx#a4, and scroll down to A4-6210. Click the windows 8.1 64-bit installer
            2. Download the Minimal Setup (version 16.50.2011) -- I presume the autodetect Seneka performed does steps 1 and 2
            3. Run it and wait
            4. It doesn't matter if you select Express install or Custom Install. If you just select "Display Driver", a "Settings" driver will be automatically selected
            5. It doesn't matter if you click "install" or "clean install"
            6. Wait like an idiot. If asked to reboot, do so
            7. You will get a message that the driver's been only "Partially installed"
            8. Click "View log". A browser window will open.
            9. Scroll down to Display Driver. It will be the only one that says "Fail". Clicking it brings to a header that reads "Error messages" There is nothing below it (page ends)
            10. Try again with different options selected in steps 4 and 5. As long as the display driver is one of the ones you're trying to install, you will get the same result.


            • Applications affected: Transport Fever (game released last fall) is incompatible with version 13.351.1105.1001 according to Steam Support
            • Graphical settings in game: Low