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    Can't Control Fan Speed R9 380 in Crimson Drivers


      Hello ,

      The fan of my saphire nitro R9 380 constanly impossible to set them correctly


      my graphique card is not OC its possible fix it ?


      and is there not application to adjust the fans directly on the desktop ? without passing by the driver of course ...


      thank .


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          If there is no answer it will be the last card amd that I buy I am at AMD for more than ten years but this time if facing your incompetence I will go to your competitor

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            he ho !!! ?


            win 7 64bit

            r9 380

            16 go Gskill

            i5 3570 K + water cooling corsair H80 i

            asrock xtrem

            strom trooper with 7 fan

            power : corsair 700w gold

            monitor asus 60hz

            driver 17.4.3


            I note that with the old driver amd I have never had a problem since the installation of drivers crimson the problem accumulates

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              I need help pls

              This is the second subject in which I present my problem and still no answer on your part whereas many other subjects were raised answers
              I understand that you do not have that to do but the least politeness would be to answer

              My last subject is two months And unanswered

              thank you


              and sorry for my english...

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                Some of the fan controllers on AIB cards are not compatible with Crimson and I believe this could be the reason for your issue.


                I would suggest using Sapphire Trixx software which comes with your Sapphire GPU to manage fan speeds, should you wish to modify the default settings. Type into Google Sapphire RX 480 and then scroll down to utility and download Trixx. I would link you directly but the Sapphire webpage does not let me.

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