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    Wattman question for installing new drivers


      Hi there,


      I did a post earlier this week about problems I am having with Wattman.


      Post is linked here if you want to know back story.

      Request To Mmake Wattman An Optional Component Of Driver Install.


      So, I noticed amd drivers 17.6.1 are out.


      I will be doing a DDU uninstall of my older drivers so I can reset my ToC for Wattman, as I am still getting problems with Wattman.


      Can someone comfirm that when I install the new drivers, if I only tick drivers & audio drivers and untick radeon settings, that it will not install Wattman?


      Thank you for you time.

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          I remember reading the 17.6.1 driver and under the fixed section it mentioned something about wattman but its being edited since and its not there anymore? I'm sure it said something about wattman not being in some dormant state anymore, along the lines of that anyway?


          Something has changed you may have done good with your thread.

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            That's probably why it was removed who knows.


            I would contact AMD directly and request answers as to why wattman is set in a dormant state.

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              No such edit goodplay maybe try looking again.


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              Can we see what you edited/modified Ray?

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                I have downloaded AMD Radeon packages in the past and Wattman was never included. Might be because I "Skipped" installing Relive gaming software that probably includes Wattman. Is Wattman downloadable as a separate software? I am not sure if I answered or understood your question correctly.


                I recently bought an Asus Graphics card and it came with Asus GPU Tweak II. It seems to work on the Creator version of Windows. But like you, I have no need to OC either my CPU nor my GPU. Do it incorrectly and you have some serious problems on your computer.

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                    Hi there,

                    Thank you for replying on topic.

                    I have tried installing with both and without relive. Wattman is still there.

                    In regards to the Asus Tunning Tool. I have a nzxt 6 fan controller. It uses a bit of software called camapp to configure the the fan speeds.

                    Recently they added a new gfx card overclocking tool to it.

                    So with that, at any one time, I could have had 3 pieces of software to work on the gfx card. So the Asus software has to go as I prefer being able to alter my case fan speeds.

                    But just with camapp and wattman in its "dormant" state are still having arguements.

                    Which is why I was basicly asking is the wattman system in the drivers or the graphics card utility.

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                        wattman and drivers are  all in 1 package and tied in registry. if you have a 3rd party gpu overclocking software. uninstall it or you will have issues..

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                            As stated, the software in question runs over half my fans in my case, altering each fan dynamicly.

                            The good news if that I have finished my mass effect andromeda play through.

                            As your saying that Wattman is built into the drivers.

                            The question will need to change to this.

                            Which driver set can I use thats windows 10, works on a RX 470 that does not have wattman in the package?


                            EDIT:Update: I found out the first driver set for my card was about 16.6.2

                            The same driver set that they introduced. So I can not install software for my gfx card that does not have wattman.

                            I tried installing these drivers, but Windows 10, just auto updates to 17.1.0

                            So I am now pritty much screwed.

                            I am regreting ever having purchised my rx 470.

                            I already have another issue with the amd software to which all I am being told by mods "To wait for next version of software".

                            I cant return the card as its now out of its 30 day cash back.

                            The only logical step is going to contact Asus to see if they can apply any pressure to AMD to help me.

                            All I want is an option not to install wattman.

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                        pre-crimson era . and catalyst with AOD dont support 470. !


                        i dont recommend this but you can look at this.. but i wouldnt do it.. Videocards - ATI Catalyst Windows 7 | 8 | 10


                        just get used to crimson because its parted with wattman its binned.


                        its not like old days using catalyst like i did with a 6850hd and pulling that driver out and using a wild driver in another catalyst to run a card like a graped ape.. lol

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                            Thanks for the link, but those just look like the normal releases.

                            The problem that really bugs me, is when the wattman crashes 1 out 5 times, any apps I had open at the time, reset to settings of when they had just been installed.

                            Which is annoying as heck when you come up for a custom profile for encoding to youtube, wattman carash and its all gone.

                            I loved the catalyist drivers, as it gave you real options. With this, its like all or nothing.

                            Right now, I am stairing at either saving up for about 6 - 8 months so I can go back to nvidia or just get rid of windows 10 and see what happens with windows 7.

                            Which would be annoying as heck as no dx12 support.

                            Wanna hear the weird bit?

                            I have been tackling this problem from two ends. I also contacted the manufacture of my fan controller software. And we worked together to the point where they wrote a custom build of both drivers and software for the fan controller which got my wattman crashes from twice a day to once every couple of days

                            I have found more support from a small company than going though AMD.

                            Today I have contacted my grpahics card manufacture to see if they can do anything.

                            All I want is a custom installer.

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                            Hi there,

                            A bit of an update.

                            I contacted asus, and they gave me an idea. I now do not have Wattman tripping up when in dorment state.

                            What did I do?

                            I downloaded the oldest driver for my RX 470 (something like 16.1.1), use DDU to uninstall current driver and then installed that driver.

                            I then let Windows and install what it thinks is the driver should be which was 17.1.1.

                            Once that was done, rebooted and installed AMD driver 17.4.4.

                            Then lastly, rebooted and installed 17.6.2.

                            This has solved my wattman problem and now can use my GPU utility with no issues.

                            Each driver update, I did not use "Clean install", I just let it update the drivers and software.

                            There must have been one setting in those previous drivers that was needed for wattman to operate properly on my PC setup.

                            Now if I could get relive working properly. I would be very happy.

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                                its funny you say this with having 17.4.4 and multi drivers. over last 1 year or so when i do completly clean installs i dont have as much stability and i do oc gpu sometimes.

                                so as of right now i have 17.4.4 and 17.5.2 installed and ive been doing this for awhile i just let both in there. i found if i manually remove 17.4.4 gpu gets quirky.   i find this interesting.

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                                I knew AMD went all the way to make sure you cannot use 3rd party OC programs, its confirmed.


                                ALL YOU DO IS BLOCK THE TRUTH.


                                MAN THE F&^K UP.

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