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Radeon R9 280X and R5 230 Linux support

Question asked by notafananymore on Jun 9, 2017

Hi Everyone,


After 2 days wasted on this issue ive decided to try and get some insight from the community.

My issue is this:

Im running a workstation that has an uncommon configuration, Im trying to make this work yet the state of AMD's drivers for Linux makes me consider the alternative.

My setup:

Intel 4570 with 16GB RAM

Radeon R9 280X Connected via DVI to a Dell 3007

Radeon R5 230 Connected via DVI to a pair of Dell 2007s.


Ive been trying to deploy Linux on this workstation yet I always find an issue that forces me back to the dark side (Microsoft).


Installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 with the older kernel so that AMD's latest drivers for Linux (Proprietary) will work. The system installs the drivers as expected and both cards are detected, To be able to use all screens that are now showing the desktop image Xinerama needs to be activated. Activating it leads to loss of hardware acceleration and crash of the dm (Ive tried Unity/Cinnamon/KDE).

Same thing with Kubuntu, Debian Jessie, Fedora 23 and Latest Arch Linux.


Hardware configuration notes:

- The iGPU on this Haswell board has been disabled.

- Connecting all three monitors to the 280X is not possible due to lack of a Third TDMS signal on that TAHITI core.

- Installing open source drivers leads to the same issue.


In all tested cases the end result is either Only one usable monitor or lack of hardware acceleration (==Not a workstation anymore).

Any ideas guys?