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ME:Andromeda driver 17.6.1 Flickering/Stutter in cutscenes / Gameplay: GPU scaling finally positive with no flickering

Question asked by ryzencf on Jun 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by simo77

First off all, a very, very big thank you to all the AMD staff for the new 17.6.1 drivers! The crossfire stuttering in the gameplay is finally fixed, and I can report positive GPU scaling. I can now finally play ME:A in 4K with ultra settings at roughly 35 to 40 fps. Thanks guys!


My presumption is that the fix had something to do with the anti-aliasing? During cutscenes flickering happens, and a huge fps drop, especially on the tempest. This form of flickering looks different from the flickering issues with the previous drivers. Cut scenes with uniform background lighting (i.e. outside / open areas) are less of a problem. It therefor seems a bit related to the CF fix of the 17.6.1 driver.

During most cutscenes it almost looks like a black frame and a rendered frame alternate.


Another issues is that the fix relieving the flickering and stutter during the gameplay did not solve this issue in the galaxy map


GPU:             2x [MSI RADEON RX 480 Armor 8GB OC]

CPU:             Ryzen 1700x

RAM:             2x [F4-2800C16D-16GRR]

Motherboard: ASUS Prime X370 pro

PSU:              Corsair CX750


ME:A             1.08