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What PSU Do You Use With a Your System?

Question asked by ambrose on Jun 9, 2017
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Hello Everyone,

Seeing how there seems to be a lot of users now with windows 10 and Some pretty nice cards, 4 and 8 GB, I have a question which comes from my home theater use.

Do the people that use these 4 and 8 GB cards have a better then average PSU to run their card(s), Monitors, Free Sync, VSR, and VR, etc.? Not to mention different cooling options for the CPU and GPU as well. And do these same people/users Run their system with a Power conditioner in their setup. It would seem to me like a good thing to do, seeing that most household power doesn't come into the house as steady and clean as they might think, there are other things in your residence that uses power, and at the same time your computing as well.


I would think in these setups, your average PSU is just not going to serve the purpose nor just plugging into your wall as you would an average computer these days. And we all know computers are not as average now as they once were.


Cheers Ambrose.


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