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    Cannot upgrade to 17.6.1 from 17.4.4


      Radeon HD7750

      Windows 7x64

      Core i5 750

      12GB RAM


      I cannot install 17.6.1 at all, the installer works and reboots but whenever I open settings it nags me about installing new updates again as if it never happened. I tried using the AMD driver cleanup tool and reinstalling the 17.6.1 drivers manually but it would still act like I was on 17.4.4. I am getting frustrated about this. Please help.

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          Seems some others on W7 are having this prob, maybe amdmatt can help.

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              I can upgrade to at least 17.5.2 (did it last night) but the 17.6.1 upgrade just does not work. If this isn't just happening to one person AMD needs to look into the problem.


              Edit: I tried doing a clean install of 17.6.1 and it reboots after wiping the drivers but literally nothing changes. The software says "Radeon software installed" but the start menu does not show the Radeon settings anywhere. When I upgraded to 17.5.2 Windows prompted me to install a new device from AMD and this did not happen with the 17.6.1 update.


              Something is clearly wrong on AMD's end because I have been going at this for hours.


              Edit 2: I must have the wrong driver, people are telling me the June 9 version is the proper one. Crossing my fingers this works.


              UPDATE: It worked. Windows prompted me for a new device installation. Problem solved! I guess I didn't check the date.

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