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Feedback on AMD Drivers/Ryzen

Question asked by guts on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by amdmatt

ok the drivers released on may 3rd are disgusting.


i switched from nVidia to AMD recently, thought id give them a shot..


Here are all my problems


Constant lockups in DOOM 2016

LAG Streaming to twitch at 720p 60fps using the (high) setting, yet the FPS doesnt lag at all, it causes some kinda CPU lag. i get over 100fps on my rx460 720p every thing "low"


heres my system

ASrock Fatal1ty z97x Killer

1x RX580 8gb

1x RX480 8gb

1x RX460 SLIM 4gb

16gb of G.skill 2400MHz Ram

Core i7 4790k (devils canyon, haswell) @ 4.0 GHz (stock clocks, turbos to 4.4)


the overlay for relive doesnt even work in opengl 4.5, it only works in vulkan!


and the optional relive package locks up windows 10 64bit , actually had to reinstall windows 10 after installing this..


now nvidia updates their stuff several times a month sometimes.. its high time AMD got with the program.. i use the 460 for gaming and the others for data mining crypto currencies, my computer was rock solid with dual gtx 760s, i regret getting these rx cards.. and my rx580 is top of the line MSI GAMING X+ $269.99.


relive actually lags some how when streaming to twitch, the FPS dont drop, its like some kinda CPU lag, believe me my CPU can play anything on the market, and i can easily clock her to 4.8GHz @ 1.41 volts but i have no need to. i have a noctua NHD-14 cpu cooler.


im watching wattage and temps with msi afterburner.. every thing is fine and well within limits.. these are clearly DRIVER and ReLive issues.. i want a driver update before the end of the month, and a working ReLive with working overlays in dx8,dx9,dx10,dx11,dx12,opengl,vulkan old and new. otherwise im gonna eBay my cards and go for 1070's - and after watching the hype videos on Ryzen, im seeing 8 core 12 thread processors get beaten in almost every thing by a 7700k quad core with hyper threading???? theres NO WAY! NUH UH!! how is that even possible??? why can ryzen only do scientific loads!? even the patches for some games specifically for Ryzen it still gets beat by a 7700k.


my first amd cpu was a amd k6-2 350mhz then i had a 1.0GHz Thunderbird.. ah those were the good ole' days, i also had a i think it was a 800mhz duron (spitfire) when i fried my thunderbird forgetting to put the heatsink back on after unlocking its laser cut multiplyer with a conductive pen LOL. i even have an amd cpu where the core is made of solid gold, and it has real gold pins.


my next upgrade with a  with a 3dfx voodoo 3 3000agp... now that was gaming, Need For Speed 3 smooth as silk with the k6-2 350 on windows ME..


what happend AMD? the prices are good, not complaining, thats why i went with rx480 and rx580 and an rx460. why cant you make drivers for your own products without bugs?? if you fix a bug, release the new driver! ASAP! and why cant you make a cpu that beats intels latest quad cores? not even a 1800x can stand up to a 7700k in over 80% of the benchmarks ive seen, just check i really could careless for intel or their prices.. especially after catching wind of JTAG.. what a stupid move intel made... i sure hope AMD doesnt make that kinda stupid move (if they havent already) i plan on going with a ryzen cpu myself, because i know it simply has more bandwidth for data mining (and data mining is more scientific crunching then anything) could care less if a 7700k beats it in games.. but the point is it really shouldnt.


if a 1800x cant beat a 7700k.. what do you do? you produce a cpu that beats it as soon as possible at a lower price tag then a 7700k. i dont care if the cpu is sucking 300 watts, beat intel!


and match nVidias driver support if you cant beat intel!


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