How can I query number of remaining(unfinished) commands in a command queue (with or without events)?

Discussion created by tugrul_512bit on Jun 9, 2017
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I'm adding producer - consumer design into an OpenCL program for multiple GPUs and I managed to make it work at the host-device synchronization level. Now I need to add finer grained queue handling for commands and without adding any synchronization between host and device, only way I can think of is querying a device's command queue's remaining commands and finding the device with minimum commands remaining and assign a command to that device.


How can I know that how many commands are waiting to be processed in a command queue?


This is for OpenCL 1.2.



For now, I'm learning how to use callbacks with markers to count things. Does a firing callback halt its command queue? I wish not because I need finer grained control with less bubbles.

Trying something like this:

callback.cpp · GitHub

but I'm not sure if its the way to do it.