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    when installing Graphics Driver black screen appear


      I am using 1 GB AMD Radeon HD 7650M graphics in my sony vaio laptop with os windows 8.1 pro x64 bit. I facing problems like when i am installing AMD driver in my device after it displays with a black screen instead of the Windows log-on screen. Again i tried installing driver During the installation of the driver, the screen went black again. I have tried many other previous and newer versions of various drivers but no luck. I did system restores of my previous build in windows 7 but always get the black screen with a system freeze.


      Basically, the system runs fine with the basic Microsoft driver, but the very second I install any AMD driver my screen goes black.

      Right now my system specifications are:


      model: sony vaio e series sve15115enw, Intel Core i3-2370M Processor 2.40 GHz

      Graphics: 1GB AMD Radeon™ HD 7650M.


      I have also tried switching to windows 7, windows 8 , windows 8.1 but regardless of the amd display driver version the same issue occurs as soon as the display driver is installed...


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          It sounds like you have a faulty Radeon GPU unfortunately.

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            I had the exact same problem on my PC Desktop using Visiontek HD 7850 for about 2 weeks. I came to the same conclusion as AMDMatt about a faulty GPU card. So I went and purchased a different card that was an upgrade from my HD 7850.  Two days after I purchased the new GPU card, I decided to go to the Manufacturer's website (in my case- VisionTek) and downloaded their latest customized AMD driver for my card. After installing it and playing around a little with Device Manager, My HD 7850 started, shockingly, to start working again. It worked great. The VisionTek driver was over two years old. But it seemed to have reset my HD 7850 card physically back to default settings (my personal opinion). Afterwards, I was able to upgrade the AMD driver to the latest without any more problems. One thing I do need to mention. I had a bad memory module (one of four) when I installed the latest AMD drivers. After replacing the bad memory module was when I started getting black screens as soon as the AMD display driver started. I realize now that the AMD drivers probably was corrupted during installation by the bad memory module causing my HD 7850 card to crash due to corrupted GPU card settings.


            But this was my own unique case. Try installing the drivers for your laptop and GPU from Sony website and see if it makes any difference. Manufacturers usually make customized drivers for their laptops. Generic drivers like AMD and Nvidea may work but may cause problems with the customized features of the manufacturer's product. Otherwise, put in a ticket with Sony Support and see what they say may be the cause of your problem. Your laptop is probably out of warranty by the looks of your computer specs. I would go along with AMDMatt suggestion, since he is experienced in the technical aspects of AMD drivers and how they work in PC Desktops and Laptops.

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