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    overheating FX-8350


      As the summer came I started getting warnings while playing Playerunknown Battlegrounds and when opening unreal engine 4 that my cpu was hitting 65-70 C. Stock cooler has cut it so far but it clearly showed me it was time for a upgrade. Unfortunatly the new cooler dont cool my cpu enough, it seems to even be worse than stock cooler. Trying several solutions to fix it im now out of ideas. Fearing that the cooler is too weak or that my psu are breaking down.


      Ive made sure that the cooler is correctly installed with correct amount of thermal paste (bean/droplet). The case has three 220x220 mm case fans (front, side, top) and one 120x120 mm fan (back), so i doubt its airflow issues. Ive cleaned everything to be dust free. At idle cpu is running around 30 C, but as soon i play anything it quickly reaches 60 C and if I play something heavy it goes into 70-85 C and around 5-10 minutes later my pc shutdown.

      Ive had the cpu and mobo in around a year, psu is atleast 5 years old. I wonder if it is that ive bought a too weak cooler? or if someone can guide me to another solution.

      New cooler is Cryorig H7.

      PC specs are:

      CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition @ 4.0 Ghz

      RAM: HyperX Fury 2x4GB DDR3 1600 MHz/s

      GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3Gb GDDR5

      Mobo: Asus M5A97 R2.0,socket AM3+

      HDD: HyperX Fury SSD 120GB

      Secondary HDD: Seagate SSHD 2TB

      PSU: Silver Power SP-SS500 500W

      NIC: Intel Pro/1000CT PCIe Desktop Adapter

      Case: CM Storm Sniper Black Edition

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          I see several reviews on Newegg mentioning that cooler is not working properly with the 8350, so you could have either a faulty unit or faulty installation.

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            Reading up on those too now. Considering ive reinstalled it a couple of times, im pretty sure its correctly installed now. Maybe a faulty unit then. I am considering to replace it. Any suggestions on good coolers for the fx-8350?
            (Ive got lots of room in my case so big units are no issue. Not feeling comfortable with watercooling yet.)

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                I always recommend liquid as they are quieter and maintain their power even with higher ambient temps, plus modern coolers like the Corsair H series are very safe, leaks are incredibly rare, and Corsair's warranty covers any damage in the event of a leak. But if you want to stick with air there are a hundred million tower air coolers that are a copy of the original Xigmatek HDT-S1283, such as the Coolermaster 212, that work well enough.

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                since the ambient temps have gone up. even 4 too 5 degrees will drastically increase cpu temps..  i have my old fx 8350 clocked at 4.8 with a 212 evo there like 35$. but its air.. i recommend corsair h100i or h110i .i had my 212evo running the 8350 at 5.2 ghz but backed down to 4.8 for stable reasons even on air. but get water you will never look back like i did. my last built with fx9590 i ran corsair h110I but it took it all to cool lol.220 watts. my new build runs h110i on ryzen... go water bro.


                did you clean out the fins on your air cooler . use a vacuum or aircompressor. ... go water. !!!!!!


                if you did go air dont use noctua fans. there low pressure junk and do a push pull config.. go water dude...!!


                with those 1600 mhz sticks it should not be pulling that hard,  on your cpu too heat up especially with 4.0ghz.. that unit is no good..!!!

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                  well done