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    G510 Lenovo R7 M265 - Screen Feezes When Installing AMD Driver


      Hey Guys.


      I have been suffring with a problem, it's apears and disapear from time to time.


      but last three days, The problem disapeared and amd drivers installed on my laptop correctly.

      The reason why - as i think and i want you to  help me understanding this please- because i have downloaded and installed old drivers!


      The problem that i'm sufrring with is my screen freezing while installing any NEW amd driver! - i think from amd 16.11 and up-

      but with these drivers which are in the picture, they works good and installed succefuly.



      in addition to amd catalyst 15.7.1, it's works and installed correctly..


      so, i have searched and did all things you can imagine to fix this problem and nothing seems to work.i give up working on this alone,  but anyway, I just want you to help my please and think and analysis what is the Common denominator between these drivers and why they work and installed correctly but the new drivers my screen freezes.


      *I don't want my problem to be fixed, i want to understand.


      information: g510 laptop lenovo

      windows 10 64 bit

      AMD radeon R7 M265 series

      UEFI bios

      intel 4600 graphics card


      *sorry for my english


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          Have been seeing a number of recent posts re issues with the G5xx driver update on Win10.

          Have you "blocked/stopped Win10 driver updates" (google it). Some setting options do not work on their own, you may need to employ 2 or 3 options.

          Those older drivers should be deleted from your system.

          Have you tried Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers and Laptop graphics update...How to

          Do not use the "auto select...." or "min setup", you may also want to try installing offline/disabling all non windows startup apps.

          That's all i got, maybe amdmatt has other suggestions.

          What is your win10 build vers. number (IP/RTM ?) .

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              Thank you so much for your reply. yeah i did this before and it didn't work.


              This is the main problem, lenovo not helping their custmores sloving their problems. When I connected with them they've said that i should connect with amd!


              I know that these drivers that in the picture are old. but at least, they newer than amd catalyst 15.7.1

              I remmber doing this too, disable all starts up apps and services in "msconfig" and nothing worked.


              and what made me confused last three days, is that these old drivers are works and installed on my laptop proprely

              i just want to understand why these drivers specifically!


              These problems "screen freeze while installing an amd driver' faced me on windows 10 1607 build


              windows 10 creators update 1703 build 15063  (now i'm using).

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              I also have Lenovo g510 with the same video card and i have been struggling with the same problem for some time but I found out how to make this work. First you download the driver, then you go to device manager of windows and update from there the driver, select manually the downloaded driver and then install. After it is installed automaticly by the windows,if you want the Amd radeon setting software you have to install again the driver this time by executing it from where it is downloaded. It worked for me, hope this helps.