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    17.6.1 - Black Screen and Artifacts On Desktop RX 470


      I updated to driver 17.6.1 because it said it had a fix for AMD Freesync and since I've been having some issues with Freesync for the last few driver releases now, I thought I'd give it a try.


      After I installed it I found out how much of a bad decision that was because it's been nothing but a buggy mess for me. It's been making my card unstable and causing artifacts even on desktop. Also doesn't seem to matter what game I start up either but when I start to play a game like The Witcher 3 or Rise of the Tomb Raider for example, they would just randomly black screen and crash my PC. After my PC is up and running again I get greeted in Windows 10 with a notification that says AMD Watt an settings have been restored due to a problem or something like that. I haven't even touched Wattman smh....


      Is anyone else having these problems with this driver?? I've tried a clean install of the drivers and everything. Rolling back to previous driver versions, the problem is not there anymore.



      Ryzen 7 1700 stock

      Asus Radeon RX 470 Strix

      16GB DDR4

      750watt PSU

      Windows 10


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          I'm having issues too, but sort of different... when i try to install this new driver and do express install, it finish very quick with no option to reboot the pc, just a finish message... when checking what was going on i noticed i was still on 17.5.2 and the package itself only installed the new HDMI Audio driver. Ok, so i went on to remove "AMD Software" from "Add Remove Program and Features" in Control Panel, then proceeded to use DDU in safe mode to remove any left overs. When it finished i tried to install the package again, this time i checked the "Custom Install" and i only see AMD Issue Report and HDMI Audio Driver as option, yes... no AMD Settings or Display Driver in the options... so what the heck? even went ahead and installed the RX480 on a old PhenomII 965 System with also Win7 x64 and the exact same issue persists... On Two Different PC's what the heck!? not to mention that my Main PC just got a Fresh Windows install the day previous to 17.6.1 being released.


          Not sure what is going on, but my take is that the whole Package itself is borked. I went back and installed 17.5.2 and everything works perfectly... then went into device manager and tried to update the driver only by searching for the 17.6.1 uncompressed files and selecting the inf file for the new drivers, and it seems to work but there is a ton of artifacts going all over games and even Relive start flickering like crazy when recording.


          Fresh Win7 x64 with all updates.

          8GB RX-480M8BFA6 (With Stock 1288MHz)

          Intel Core i5 6500
          8GB DDR4 2133MHZ

          Asus H110M-A

          Speler Full HDTV 21" through HDMI1

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            I don't have a problem playing my games. I'll just get the Ol' "BSOD" in Windows 10 if I let my PC sit, If I use any Driver after 17.4.3. Even with removing all AMD software before Installing the new drivers.


            Windows 10 x64

            AMD 8350 8 core Processor@ 4.1 Ghz

            Gigabyte AMD 7970 O.C. Edition

            ASrock 990 Fatality Motherboard

            AMD Gaming Edition DDR3 Ram 16 GB (2133)

            Cooler master 1000w PSU Bronze

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              Driver's working great for me.  "Artifacts on the desktop" is not something you will see from software problems--definitely something you see when you get a *bad card,* however--so if the artifacts continue I'd check on replacing the card--but first, if you are overclocking the card in any way that could also cause artifacts in a healthy card.   Also, need to list motherboard, monitor brand, how connected (DP, HDMI, etc.)--especially when dealing with Freesync problems, otherwise, there isn't really anything anyone can do for you.


              MSI 970A Gaming mboard UEFI version 22.4 (M4)/Corsair CX-750M PSU (62a x1 12v rail)/AMD FX-8320E @ 3.2 GHz/RAM 16GB 4x4GB, 2133MHz interleaved, dual channel, 11-12-12-30-48-1T/LG MultiDrive DVD/Boot:Samsung EVO 850 256GB (UEFI boot partition)/2x 1TB WDC WD10EZEX Blue 7200 rpm in RAID 0/ST2000DM 006 2DM164 SATA (2TB)/Asus AMD RX-480 8GB/Realtek 1150 sound/Crimson 17.6.1 GPU drivers

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                  This card is fine. I actually had to RMA a previous one because it showed signs of being unstable at stock speeds.


                  I do have multiple profiles set up for my card using GPU Tweak. Not really an overclock that I have one it but, I increased the power limit and undervolted the GPU.


                  Regardless, I've changed it back to stock settings and tried closing out GPU Tweak using 17.6.1 and using this driver version still proves to be unstable for me, crashing and everything. When I roll back to 17.5.2 or 17.4.4 (best one and I don't want to get back past this one) than everything is stable. Since I'm not the only experiencing this with 17.6.1 assume it not specific to my system.


                  Talking about the Freesync issue, I'm experiencing this when playing games in Boarderless Fullscreen mode on version 17.4.4 and up from when I noticed. It causes short pauses in game every few seconds, making the game unplayable. In 17.5.2 is worse because it seems like framerate even in Exclusive fullscreen mode games aren't consistent with Freesync enabled. Seemed like 17.6.1 was suppose to fix at least the inconsistant frames problem in Exclusive Fullscreen mode but seems like it breaks stability of GPU.

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                  Also having issues with this driver. It's actively crashing my Microsoft Edge browser whenever I try to launch it. Also keeps any game I try to launch caught in a loop of "Preparing to launch: Any game I try to launch"

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                    This is a video of desktop problem I had after I was able to play The Witcher 3 on this driver version. And it's weird because it'll only do this when a window or something is active on the screen. If it was just the backround, it won't do this.


                    17.6.1 Issues - YouTube


                    When I tried to play The Witcher 3 after this problem was happening, it played fine but then when I tried Rise of the Tomb Raider, it actually BSOD on this me this time. Usually it would just be a blackscreen and computer would just crash.

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                      I do not know but, for the card of Asus Radeon RX 470 Strix, if you are using APP and on OC mode , try to roll-back to normal mode(down the clock).

                      Since the card only with a 6 pin power connector.