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After crash radeon wattman restores default settings and proceeds to completely ignore any new custom profile

Question asked by geoalbi on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by goodplay

Seen Wattman and thought it is a great ideea.

Setup a custom game profile, set clocks, voltages. Played happily for some hours, but then the driver crashed with error: "default wattman settings were restored....."

The game profile was still there, same settings, active and not disabled. I don't understand how are the defauilt settings restored since my game profile was not modified, however, running the game and checking clocks in GPU-Z I can confirm my card is running with default clocks.

Ok, perhaps my clocks were a bit aggresive, I set them lower in my game profile. Run the game, still got the default settings.

Ok, perhaps the profile is borked. Deleted it, created a new profile, custom settings. Run the game, still got default settings.

Created another custom profile, different game. Run the game, got default settings.

Ok, perhaps wattman/driver is borked. Removed the driver, radeon settings, reinstalled. Recreated my  game profile. Run the game, finally got my custom settgins back.


Conclusion: once wattman detects a crash and restores default settings, it then proceeds to run the card with default settings, no matter what custom settings or new profile the user sets.


Only recourse is to completely uninstall the driver.


1. Is this behaviour normal? It seems absurd to tease the wattman to the masses and then to make it work like this.

2. Can someone explain to me how is this default restoration done? Logic tells me that it should just disable the custom/user profile and run the default profile, but I'm not seeing this. I'm just seeing a ghost setting the defaults over my profile no matter what I do, untill I exorcise it out of the system by wiping and reinstalling the drivers.


System details:

Asus P5BE mobo

Core 2 duo


OCZ Vertex SSD 256GB

Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB

Windows 10

Radeon Crimson 17.4.4


Thanks and happy gaming