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FH3 17.5.2 shows himself as 15.0.0 so game doesn't even launch

Question asked by antonystark on Jun 8, 2017
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Everyone knows how bad the 17.2 - 17.4 series on Forza H3,


I've tried every solution but nothing fixed even got worse now. I send a mail to AMD Support but they said I should use DDU and install the new 17.5.2

So I did it, but the game gives error like this;

Please update your graphics driver. Found 15.300.1025.1001, expected or newer ( Code FH301 )


But I've installed the latest driver...


And it was very clean install I've get rid of every driver thing with DDU.

I can't play this game like weeks. so guys how can I fix it


Btw i've win 10 creators update 1703