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    17.4.3 - 17.5.2 - Sapphire RX580 nitro+ LE Crashing In Games




      I bought a SAPPHIRE RX 580 NITRO+ Limited Edition. The problem is that im having constant crashes on many game, especially the ones that stress the GPU a bit.

      For example, Final fantasy crashs at 10 or 15 minutes. Overwatch the same, maybe a little bit longer. The only game i can play flawlessly is League of Legend.

      I can pass the furmark bench, but crashes in the Post-FX option (P).


      What makes it even more strange is that this crashes happens only (or way more often, need more testing) on boost bios mode (1450 mhz). On silent bios (1411 Mhz), it works fine.

      Whats happens on both Bios Modes is the insane flickering while im at the wattman menu. Dont know if this is ussual.


      My PSU is Seagate 620w 80+ Bronze

      I7 950.

      Asus P6x58d-e

      Windows 10, last update.

      17.4.3 currently.


      This i tried:

      Clean installing different drivers, including the last ones 17.5.2. Using DDU to uninstall.

      Clean install windows 7 and windows 10.


      Most of all i want to know if you guys think this may be a problem with the card or maybe some weird compatibility issue with my old mother, drivers or whatever.



      Sorry for my english, im from Argentina and thats the reason i would like to avoid the RMA, its takes like a month.




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          I'm having similar issues, especially the flickering while Wattman is open. My situation is slightly different since my card is perfectly stable at full load.


          Are you running one monitor or multiple? With two monitors I'm okay when on the desktop because multiple monitors forces the memory to run at full speed, but I noticed that when I'm only on one monitor and the memory downclocks, I get insane flickering and artifacts just from open Radeon Settings/Wattman or doing mildly intensive things like moving around browser window with a Youtube video playing. I found that using ClockBlocker to disable downclocking helped when using 1 monitor, but I still get crashes using multiple monitors even with ClockBlocker on.


          Can you monitor your memory clock while the flickering is happening?


          I really don't think this is my card's problem since I'm on my second one, but maybe I'm just that unlucky.

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              Hey, thanks for the response.

              Well few things i noticed. The flickering while wattman is open happens when wattman is maximize, not a small window and its happens far more often while im at boost bios mode.

              The memory clock sticks at 300mhz. Im gonna try forcing it to work at higher speed while im at wattman. Maybe its just some drivers issue.

              What upset me more are the constant crashing while trying to play gpu intensive games on boost mode. I can live with the flickering in wattman. In my case only happens as i said when i have wattman on a maximized window.

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              I'm not familiar with Sapphire's software - you mentioned switching boost modes etc; can you try uninstalling their software and use JUST WattMan to see if it makes a difference? I could never run both (manufacturer provided software and WattMan) at the same time as they caused conflicts with my Asus Strix cards. It's worth a try.


              Also, try out today's released update (v 17.6.1) as it includes many other fixes.

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                  Hi, thanks for the response. Im tried everything you can imagine. Correct me if im wrong but i think wattman is automatically install when you install the drivers.

                  I dont care for the flickering while its open though. As i said to nesbej, what upsets me are the constant crashes while gaming.


                  Im gonna try now to disable the freesync which im seeing is having some compatibility issues and im gonna try the new drivers.

                  Keep you guys update.



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                      Yes WattMan is part of the Radeon Settings and driver installation. I was referring to "Boost" mode - where are you seeing that - it doesn't sound like a standard WattMan option unless I've missed it since using it since launch. When I see you mention "Boost" mode I'm under the impression that you're using another package for OC'ing which I don't recommend doing - as a matter of fact if you are using other OC'ing software uninstall it. Just use WattMan to test out stability etc.

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                          Sry, maybe i wasnt clear. The Card comes with dual bios. You have a switch or a botton on the card to switch the bios. You can choose between a silent bios setup, or an OC, boost or gaming mode, the name may differ depending the brand of the card. The only different i came to see between those two bios were the clock, which in the silent bios im running at 1411mhz . and in "boost""gaming" bios im running at 1450mhz.

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                              Ok - thanks for explaining that, I totally forgot about the dual BIOS options! Sadly I can't help you (yet) - I'll know more by around next Thu/Fri when I've had a chance to play around with these (Sapphire RX580 Nitro LE's) which are coming Wednesday - hopefully you've figured something out by then.


                              In the mean time, have you had a chance to play around the new drivers (v17.6.1) released yesterday?