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MSI 480 Gaming X 8GB video lag

Question asked by aibo999 on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by aibo999

Hello guys, searching for answer few months already, but can't find an answer anywhere. Have a problem with drivers later than 17.2.1. Every video in VLC, PowerDvd, JRiver or even youtube videos looking good until I'm switching to full screen. Video becoming laggy as hell in few moments, switching to non full screen fixing the problem. 17.2.1 working perfect, no lag, but every newer I tried have big lag. Games not lagging. Tried clean win install, didn't helped. Relive when I try record, start lagging as well, cant use this thing... Help me someone please. uploaded short video 20170609 230853 - YouTube


Windows 10 64bit

Benq XL2730Z 144Hz using with freesync

Asus Z270-Prime

7700K without OC

16GB Ripsaws 5 3200MHz

960 Evo 500GB

MSI 480 Gaming X 8GB