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    Issue with RX 580 Default Radeon Wattman Error


      Hey guys. So, I've been reading and apparently this is a common error. I was having some problems with a RX 470, so I ended up returning that to Amazon, and purchased a RX 580 from Asus. Figured, hey, newer, better model, from a different company. This'll surely work, right? Well, I was wrong. I had an XFX 6970 GPU for 5 years that hasn't given me anywhere near the amount of issues I've had in the past several months from brand new cards. Beginning to think I should've gone Nvidia. Anyways, I've uninstalled and reinstalled updated drivers FIVE times. Five. And I'm still getting this issue. Windows 10 is up to date. I've gone down the list and nothing I've tried is working. Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I was looking around and some people said they were having issues with legacy games, but I'm playing newer games like Saints Row IV and Dark Souls II and having these problems. It's really aggravating that a brand new 300 dollar GPU is performing worse than a 5 year old GPU. I appreciate any advice.


      EDIT: Sweet, so I just looked and I still have a window of 3 days to return this card. So, if this issue isn't fixed in the next 3 days, I will, for the first time in my life, be buying an Nvidia GPU. I will still support AMD as far as the CPU market goes, and Lord knows that Nvidia has done some anti-consumer things as well, but at least I could get USABLE DRIVERS. What's the point of supporting a company for their ethics if the end product doesn't work?

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          I haven't got those problems. Try uninstalling the driver with DDU or AMD's own uninstall utility and reinstalling.

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            After I got my XFX RX 580 4GB and installed it to replace my XFX RS RX 470 4GB, the clocks and voltage looks funny, but I had disregarded it for ages and put in my own values...


            Turns out for some reason the GPU doesn't like that value of 'popular' undervolting methods and rebels in random ways (at the start it was weird BSOD playing graphically intensive games), and when I tone it down, it doesn't really occur anymore, but a few funny hi jinks do happen (this GPU is like a rebellious child with a grudge...)...


            For starters, at random the gpu may suddenly get loud for 5-6 seconds from time to time when idling the PC, not using anything or touching it at all (especially when sleeping). I fixed this recently when I looked at the memory clocks and find that for some reason it's turned to the minimum of 1250mhz... (how does a minimum clock settings cause a random fan outburst again?).


            I'm also posting this now, to consider the odd voltage settings that's here by default:

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                So... For what reason is XFX for putting a 1193mv in the middle of the GPU states?


                For undervolting, I see online that a setting of 1040mV is generally okay for a 1290mhz range.

                I used 1050mhz for stability and this does drop the temp down a lot, but when the GPU gets overworked at 100% it tends to do funny things, regardless of voltage btw.


                Also, more importantly and recently, I want to save my settings to global wattman but I actually never really directly restarted my PC or manually updated it often, Win10 tends to do it for me at random anyways so I left it alone...

                For some reason the settings keeps randomly reverting back to base levels, and sometimes weirdly mixing in 'base' settings with my 'overclock/undervolt' settings too...