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AMD RX480 Black Screen Crash Restart Required Driver Issue

Question asked by hmz on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by amdmatt

Please read. During normal use of the computer the screen goes black and essentially the PC crashes. The monitor says DVI no response. The computer does not respond, although it is still functioning as the fans are running. However, I think it is some sort of crash because audio completely cuts off as well as any display output. A hard reset is required, I would hold the shut down button and then start up the PC again.


The problem occurs when doing normal things, such as using a browser like Google Chrome. I was once thought the issue was limited to just CSGO, as it would happen while I would play that specific game. However, more recently, the issue is taking place on normal browser use, and at any time the computer essentially crashes and I am forced to restart.


I've identified that it is a graphics card issue. This was after two days of testing any other possibility. I then worked out that it must be a driver issue after another two days of testing. Not only is there nothing wrong with the way the video card is installed on the PC, or how if functions in the PC, a few of my friends with different set-ups are experiencing the exact same problem.


I've seen on other posts where the users have been told to report the problem directly to AMD, if so how would I do this? I cannot find a specific way to contact them. Furthermore, if it is a driver issue, which is highly likely at this current moment, how do I go about fixing it? I've already reinstalled the drivers but that didn't work.