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Triple monitor issues RX 480

Question asked by zorbeltuss on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by amdmatt

So I've had monitor issues quite I while, and I've just thought it was my cheap and old third monitor, it somestimes stopped being detected, which would prompt me to unplug it from power and plug back in which worked, but suddenly it didn't detect at all I thought, that is until 10 minutes later when it just rose again, and then worked for 2 days straight, and since hasn't been detected at all (2 weeks ago).

Today one of my other screens stopped detecting too, and refused to detect, until I while writing this posts felt that I could unplug and plug back in the screens, the second monitor the one that's not cheap and old popped back to life immediately when I pulled the hdmi cable from the old one, and stopped working immediatly when plugging it back... so I tested only the old screen and then that worked so it's not that broken if broken at all. So my thoughts are is there any limitation with using different display/hdmi/dvi ports for multiple screens?

I kind of wonder because I want to replace the third screen with two more.