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    Dear AMD Marketing and Product Development:


      SO, the elephant in the room is: Where are my High-Powered-low-cost OpenCL Number crunching chunks of silicon???


      I mean, yes. I too like to play games. Games are fun. Games can be a career. But everyone likes one thing better than gaming, making MONEY!


      SO, I ask. Where is my Crypto-Currency Accelerator? Its really simple. I want 8 Vega Chips on a single board with 64GB of HBM2. So i can drop 6 of these in a rig and afford to buy more of them from AMD and set my gaming/VR/AR Life on the move! I am not asking AMD to stop making GPU's. We need GPU's. But can you PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY MAKE AN ACCELERATOR FOR CRYPTO? Strip off the output ports, delete the RAMDAC, add more power connections, Cut the PCB to a PCIe 1X Slot, and make it 1x PCIe Slot wide with liquid cooling.

      Then, Make a mother board with 8 PCIe 1x Slots with robust power distribution and R5 compatibility. Wrap it into a neat package and sell it too me!


      Make Home versions and Datacenter versions. Produce enough to of them to satisfy the world's craving for sticking-it-to-the-man who has killed the USD.


      Oh, and Do it before Intel and NVIDIA figure out that we are a Titanium Mine waiting to be plundered.


      We want stupid FAST RAM with retardedly low latency and memory timings with easy Temp and Fan cooling options to keep it stable for a long, long time.

      Even Optalysys has technology that can help us, but they want to decode the human genome with a pocket watch at ExaFLOP Speeds.

      I here by start a Petition to AMD to fulfill my demand for money making hardware!


      Oh, and by the way, if you happen to take a look at Scrypt, ETHASH and X11-X15 algorithms, heck, even SHA256 algorithms, you may find that you can't fill the demand fast enough. What to rule the world faster than Apple? Hear my voice!


      Best Wishes, Gimme my hardware! =D


      Raymond Johnson

      Pro-Gamer/VR Citizen/Self Banked Crypto Lord.

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          I would love to see a dedicated AMD powered mining-solution as well - not just for the potential financial benefit it could have for AMD, but to see AMD lead the way in  more efficient solutions. This would align with AMD’s Steadfast Commitment to Energy and Environment


          One thing that comes to mind however, is the current volatility of HBM2 in regards to availability; if that situation does not improve, delving into the crypto-market could be a potential disaster for AMD! So considering the risks of crypto vs value fluctuations, AMD could make a killing in the short term, but at the same time risk losing it all!  From the miner's standpoint, they don't stand to lose much unless they're just now getting in the ballgame. For those who have been active in crypto since the beginning like you and I have - losing a 50 or so BTC investment wouldn't matter much - I don't see others willing to risk that!


          The timing of your post couldn't be more perfect - the rumor-mill on the "Videocardz" website shows a listing of an Intel/Nvidia's supposed 8 card miner!

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            Just form a "An AMD Mining Division" and mine for the cryptocurrency instead of selling  GPU's to anyone at all, if it is really that profitable.
            I dont know what the profit on GPU's is but I would guess they have to aim for at least 30% gross profit per GPU sold including all operating expenses by selling them.
            Maybe someone out there who knows more about Mining than me can take the time to write the business case/analsys  for doing that, including the added profits made by the increasing cost of GPU's due to lack of supply amongst gamers and external miners looking for cards.



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              Just based off the thermal profile and energy efficiency of a single Vega GPU, I'm sure any 8 chip card would burn like a demon's heart.  Not sure how you would keep such a card at a thermal equilibrium that would greatly reduce the lifespan of the chips.


              I too would love to see AMD lead the way in efficiency.  It is something they were at the forefront of when the HD 5870 released compared to NVidia's Fermi and Kepler GPUs.  Polaris was the beginning of a return to that, after the R9 290/390 series smoldered.  But Vega certainly is not.  After a lot of hubbub about Vega continuing and expanding on the efficiency of Polaris, the result GPU is actually the opposite.


              While it does perform fine, it's energy efficiency and thermal profile are a step backward from Polaris, and certainly behind NVidia's Pascal line.  Due to that inefficiency, powering and cooling multi GPU configurations in Vega will be far more challenging than with Pascal.


              However, it may be that, similar to Fiji, Vega downclocks without loosing much performance.  The R9 Fury Nano operated at a 100W lower thermal profile than the Fury X, but at 90% of the performance.  It will be interesting to see how the Vega Nano performs when it launches, and that should give us a better idea of the feasibility of creating multi GPU cards.