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    Feedback From Upgrading To Ryzen + CrossFire Stuttering In 17.5.2


      So I decided to upgrade to the AMD Ryzen platform... and to be frank I am not impressed with it's hardware support. I purchased the R7-1700 CPU and I carefully picked my Motherboard MSI X370 SLI PLUS  also my Memory )All supposedly were completely compatible and would work flawlessly.   )I upgraded bios /GPU drivers(

      I have yet to be able to Clock my memory to its Rated frequency supposedly AMD says and MSI  clearly Rated and cleared for use on my motherboard with my chosen cpu. I  can't even begin the horrors I am experiencing with crossfire from Open GL fast crashing to DX games just randomly shutting down my system. I managed to test every part in the system and it's pretty clear this whole new architecture was not well planned out. I love my R9 Fury Love it so much I made sure I not only got a second one to crossfire but made sure to get a Platinum rated power supply. I honestly miss my Fx-8350 system. No headaches to speak of / or any that I can remember...not once did I have to run through any of my hardware trying to figure out of my Mobo/Cpu/Mem was faulty in any way or compatible....  Now this new Ryzen system is nice but wow it has issues and its really starting to get on my nerves. Now lets get to the worse part of it.... Crossfire with your new drivers 17.5.2 stutter my games like I had a 5xxx series card running. Do you guys even test this stuff before releasing it into the wild? Do you test the hardware compatibility or software? Let's not even mention your Crossfire promotion tactics only to not support it yourself... Game Developers can't even make a solid game with out it being broken.. now your going to count on them for crossfire support?.....lol

      Nvidia is not only going to win because you keep making new stuff but never follow through with any of it.... but they'll do it all the while screwing over their very own customers... which I find funny to be perfectly honest... You people need to focus and at the very least be consistent with your support of your own products. Well I'm done with my Rant and I'm sure I'll hear some fanny's coming in with some poor excuses for what ever it is.. blah blah blah....Point is..I had a great experience going into the FX  platform. I have had my worse experience going into a new system with the Ryzen platform. Even with your gpu drivers. I refuse to support Intel and I hate how Nvidia just blatantly fools with it's customers..I will learn to live with console graphics... I'm just done with all the bs that comes with companies never fully supporting their own products.     ltr...  


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          I can empathize with your frustrations, as many here can. I myself understand that there will be issues associated with new architectures and can tolerate most issues in first generation designs. I agree with your rant 100%. 

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            b e nice to be told when buying the new ryzen processors that you need  a graphic card because it doesn't suppose onboard graphic, I would not spend the money on building the system. but after I did build it then I was told I needed one.

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              What memory do you have? Sounds like you got bad memory or a bad motherboard. I am guessing you got some higher clocked memory and it does not work. Well, sometimes OC hardware doesn't reach its rated speed. Happens all the time with GPUs. SLI and xfire are both gimmicky in my opinion. I tried it once. Totally not worth it.

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                if you did your research you would alreadyknow asus crosshair hero is the best ryzen board and msi being the bottom of the 4 first boards. 2ndly if you researched you would know g.skill specifically picked the flare x 3200mhz  now called the silver bullet for ryzen and also they are 3467mhz sticks in a 3200 package per g.skill. ive been running 3467mhz for over a month and now the new bios should be out this week for higher clocks and better timings. i do have the beta 1006a which is number 9345 and already pushing the 3600mhz sticks and possibley able to get 4000mhz if you got the money for the sticks. i dont know why other people cant get 3200 easily. you need to set soc voltage to atleast 1.875 to  get higher clocks and other voltages.


                as far as gamming goes battlefield 1 wil always be skippitty hop. they dont care there making a new game. and bf1 if you play it does not support crossfire. also if you have open gl turned on big mistake no wonder u have issues.


                the real problem is too many people think with their eyes and see with there hands due to lack of knowledge or comprehension, and blame it on something else. ryzen isnt the problem its too many people dont have the patience to figure out things or learn.


                if asus and g.skill has held the world record for overclocking amd products for around a decade why on earth would you look to buy anything other??

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                  thats why i run windows 7 with ryzen runs so awsome. literally every other thread in this forum is win 10 related. i bought win 10 installed it and watched i screw up multiple things and just got worse. 10 hours after i installed  a 200$ full version. i installed win 7 and throught 200$ win in the trash can literally. win 10 will always broken its basically win 14 now. such garbled programming mess..

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                    drivers for dual cards are still a bit dicey

                    instead if a second Fury, the RX 580 is not such a bad card


                    Radeon™ RX 580 Graphics | AMD

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                      hi guys, i have a question, i have stage 4 cancer and was trying to see if amd could send me a ryzen 7 kit if they are still available and i don't know where to post or contact, i have liver and pancreas cancer and was diagnosed on june 10th, the same day as my 40th birthday. if someone could point me to the right direction, it would be much appreciated. i will not be here come christmas and all my money has been spent on doctors. thanks for anyone that can help.

                      Brett Culley , Winter Haven Florida.