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RX 580 FPS Drops

Question asked by theravetrooper on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by amdmatt

Hello guys. I am currently using an i7-6700k with an RX-580 (MSI ARMOR OC 8GB). 16gbs of Ballistix Ram and a MSI Krait 3x Mobo. For some reason in Dirty Bomb. Frames are 30-60 with lots of stuttering ON LOW. Minecraft will randomly drop down to 30 and be there for a little bit. CSGO will do the same on maps like inferno and cache. But seems to fix itselfs on Cache. The Division seems to run perfectly fine. While temperatures for both CPU and GPU seem to be pretty normal. Idle is 25c-35c while under load it is 50c-65c. And motherboard falls with the CPU. Harddrive temps seem to be pretty normal as well. Im up to date with Drivers. And all fans are working! I'm so confused. And this is messy. Im sorry. Im just worried! I also have Freesync and relive enabled


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