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Screen resolution problem after reviving from sleepmode

Question asked by nunki on Jun 6, 2017

Here's the situation.  I have an INTEL i7-2600 with 16GB RAM and an AMD Radeon Pro WX4100.  To that card I connected 3 displays 2 x PHILIPS 240P (1920*1200) one in portrait position one in landscape.  And the third is an LG 4K monitor (3840x2160).  I'm running win7 pro SP1 and the driver of the card is 17.Q2.  All works well until I revive the workstation from sleepmode. Most of the time the portrait oriented monitor stays black.  And when I press the on/off button twice the monitor shows image but in a very low resolution, like 600x800.  In windows resolution settings I see this monitor now with that resolution and it can't be changed.  Sometimes with pressing on/off again the monitor is again seen as a 1200x1920 monitor and all is back to normal.  A reboot does fix this too.


Anyone who has encountered this - or a similar- problem too ?  Or even better, knows a solution to this problem ?