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ReLive vs Bandicam

Question asked by stevepie on Jun 7, 2017
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We have AMD Balkan site on FB, and they told me to write feedback here.

So ... After 40ish minutes of comparing ReLive vs Bandicam, here are my thoughs.

I don't have many PC games at the time, but hope this will help.


So .. Bandicam vs ReLive.


Pros/Cons of both:

- Bandicam is way more simpler to use. U can really find anything U want. Options are easy.

- ReLive is messed up, strange.


Bandicam vs ReLive:

* Here I will put features which I noticed during recording:

- Game was in 1024x768 resolution, I recorded both programs in 1280x720. I got 1280x720 video in Bandicam. In ReLive I've got 1024x768 even if I choose HD 720p setting. Bandi +1, Re -1.

- When I recorded, I was seeing my face in ReLive, which covered some part of screen, and in Bandicam your face won't be shown. Bandi +1, Re -1. I prefer Bandi option.

- Bandicam has option to watermark your video, U don't even need to use video editor. I didn't noticed that in ReLive. Bandi +1, Re -1.

- In Bandicam U know when U are recording, U have FPS number in corner which changes colour when u record. ReLive doesn't have. Bandi +1, Re -1.

- Playin' in emulators like PSXfin and GBA - Bandicam records window of emulator, ReLive records full desktop only. Bandi +1, Re -1.

- Bandi has way more simpler window, I prefer it over ReLive. I think there should be independent window for ReLive, and independent for Crimson. Bandi +1, Re -1.


Bandicam vs ReLive:

* Here are features which I didn't noticed, but I hope they are true:

- Bandicam has a lot of FPS drops and basicly uses processor a lot in the performance. ReLive is here way better. Re +1, Bandi -1.

- Bandicam has a lot of codecs, even with my DX11.2 I have like H264, Xvid, MPEG1 and some other. A lot of codecs. Didn't noticed that in ReLive. Neutral both 'couse I've heard that ReLive has that also.


My opinion is that ReLive with some features and options can beat anything in terms of recording performance, but for now I still prefer Bandi, couse of some features which I really like and prefer over ReLive. Maybe for some graphic intensed games I'll use ReLive, couse of FPS drop in Bandi. But for lower graphic intensed games, Bandi for now.


Sry AMD.


PS. U really did a great job, and U have potencial for more. Just fix some stuff.